Thousands of years ago, the world of Azmar was protected by shapeshifting spirit warriors. Then, the monsters from the stars attacked. Led by the vicious Star King, the interstellar beasts absorbed the power of the shapeshifters and twisted it for themselves. These abominations came to be known as Shyfters.

Fearing that the mortal realm would be destroyed by the Shyfters, the Allfather resurrected four of the most powerful wolf spirits: Iron Wolf, Jade Wolf, Ember Wolf, and Silver Wolf.

Together, these four ancient warriors fought to defend the world of Azmar from the Shyfters, but it was not enough… for Azmar wasn’t the only world the Shyfters had set their sights on.

An eternal war rages across the stars, from the primitive world of Fuzonia to the battle-ravaged sector of Andraxxus Prime.

As a badass barbarian warrior, you will befriend the pizza-loving Fuzonians, make bitter enemies of the war-mongering Andraxxans, battle the slave-trading Gorlons, cross blades with the nefarious Star King, and rise to fight the dreaded Atomic Angel, who (rumor has it) is manufacturing Shyfters…