Crypt Shyfter



Crypt Shyfter currently has four main story arcs: the original fantasy series, the multiverse-spanning sword & planet saga, the kung fu legends, and the western adventures.


This series takes place in a fantasy world called Azmar. You are a badass warrior working at Harper’s House of Heroes, a fast-food style hero joint. Your motto: We’ll send a hero to solve any problem in 30 minutes or less GUARANTEED!

As the elite hero at Harper’s House, your services are in high demand. You’ve done everything from rescuing princesses to slaying dragons to thwarting the plans of evil wizards.


You play as a badass barbarian warrior who is teleported from your home on Azmar to an alien world called Fuzonia 30-trillion light-years away.

As you search for a way home, you befriend the pizza-loving Fuzonians and make bitter enemies with the war-mongering Andraxxans, the slave-trading Gorlons, the nefarious Star King, and the dreaded Atomic Angel, who (rumor has it) is manufacturing Shyfters…


Thousands of years ago, the world of Azmar was protected by shapeshifting spirit warriors. Then, the monsters from the stars attacked.

Led by the vicious Star King, these interstellar beasts absorbed the power of the shapeshifters and twisted it for themselves. The abominations they created came to be known as Shyfters.

Fearing that the mortal realm would be destroyed by the Shyfters, the Allfather resurrected four of the most powerful wolf spirits: Iron Wolf, Jade Wolf, Ember Wolf, and Silver Wolf.

Together, these four ancient warriors defend the world of Azmar from the Shyfters, who are now being led by a mysterious warlord known as Lord Hawk…


Welcome to Limerick. You are a Paladin, a gunslinging, magic weilding badass sworn to protect the innocent and bring order to the wild frontier towns.

But (of course there’s a but) all is not well in Limerick. Paladins are going missing, outlaws are harassing the locals and hoarding dynamite, and swarms of rotspawn have been seen in the canyons nearby.

It’s up to you, with your magic staff, your trusty boomstick, and your Shyfter Steel pistols, to restore peace to Limerick and drive off the evil infecting the town. Try not to get yourself shot.


Azmar: The main fantasy world of Crypt Shyfter

Limerick: A wild western frontier town overrun by rotspawn and bandits

Kadabra: The city of magicians

Irongate: The capital city of Azmar, and home to Harper’s House of Heroes

Wolfgarde: Once the most heavily guarded fortress in the Frozen North, Wolfgarde is now nothing more than an ancient ruin shrouded in a mysterious fog. According to rumors, the fortress is now home to an army of werewolves…

Edgewater: A port city and home to the Shrine of the Wolf Spirits

Moonbright: A tiny village on the outskirts of civilization. Most people believe the town is cursed. Some say there may be a Hellgate or some sort of portal to the demon realm in the woods nearby…

Shipwreck Cove: A haunted island filled with buried treasure, wrecked ships, and ghosts. The Shyfter Vortex makes his lair here

The Red Desert: A vast expanse of endless desert at the southernmost tip of Azmar, dotted with crumbling ruins and ancient tombs. Who knows what lies beneath the sand?

Mirage: The fortress city of the elves, hidden somewhere in the Red Desert. The ancient elf sages (Lantheon, Starchaser, and Lady Rose) study the mysteries of the universe from Shimmerfall Tower in the heart of the city

Festral Swamps: A vile swamp that hides the dreaded tower of corpses built by Silver Wolf and Lord Hawk

Sunrise Peak: The tallest mountain in Azmar and home to the wicked Frozen King

Bel’Thazir: An evil vizier who banishes the barbarian hero in Exile to a world across the stars

Fuzonia: Homeworlds of the pizza-loving Fuzonians

Andraxxus Prime: Homeworld of the Andraxxans

Karkus: A Gorlon planet where prisoners are sent to die in the gladiator arenas

Bo: Homeworld of the Mush-Mads. It resides somewhere in the 32nd dimension. This planet’s sun is dying, and as a result the world is being ripped apart. It is now home to Vektar and his army of vampire spawn

Starsteel Keep: An ancient fortress on Bo used by the Atomic Angel

Colossus: The main Andraxxan mothership used in the assault on Fuzonia

Jan’Dari Mountain Range: The birthplace of alien kung fu

Smelkor 4: Homeworld of the Sneaths

Makkana: A Fuzonian greeting that means “May the moons of Fuzonia smile ever upon your path”

An’kaja: The customary response to “Makkana.” It means “And may you one day dance with your ancestors among the stars”

Zark: An alien leader or teacher

Zarkaja: “The Great Leader,” the ruler of Fuzonia

The Allfather: The god who created Azmar

Mush-Mads: A fungal folk

Mechanox: An ancient and mysterious creator of worlds. He is the direct opposite of the Atomic Angel. Mechanox creates worlds of beauty and wonder, whereas the Atomic Angel spawns only darkness.

Atomic Angel: A sinister alien with god-like powers. The Atomic Angel created Andraxxans and Shyfters, and he aims to twist the universe to his will. Mechanox fights him at every turn, but perhaps soon a certain barbarian will find a way to stop the Atomic Angel for good…

The Eternal War: The battles between Mechanox and the Atomic Angel have played out on countless worlds and in countless dimensions. They have both slain each other thousands of times, but until the dimensions can be merged into one, there will always be an Atomic Angel. There will always be Shyfters. Whether or not the dimensions can be merged remains to be seen…

The Star King: The first Shyfter, birthed from the primordial goo of the cosmos and shaped into a being of pure evil by the Atomic Angel

Infinite Dimensions: In Crypt Shyfter, there are an infinite number of dimensions. Imagine parallel timelines all running together along a path. As different choices are made at any point in the path, the timeline splits off into a new dimension. The concept is difficult for a barbarian to grasp, but it is a key to the series. Every time you make a choice, one version of you is bound to have made an opposing choice. There are as many versions of you as there are stars in the sky. Some are dead. Some will live forever. If you keep dimension-hopping long enough, it is likely you will meet yourself at some point or another in one of the various dimensions. Such experiences can be… strange.

This glossary will be updated with the release of new games. The Crypt Shyfter universe is huge, so I’m bound to miss some important locations, characters, or terms. If you would like to contribute to the glossary, please send me a message here

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